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Moscow District Bar Association (MMKA) has been recorded in the Legal Institutions Register of the Chamber of Lawyers in the city of Moscow No. 77/1-423 dated 28.05.2009.

Under the auspices of MMKA Moscow city regional division of the Russian Federal Union of Lawyers has been opened, its manager being the Chairman of the Association.

The largest companies (legal bodies) of and other localities of the Russian Federation are among MMKA’s partners –   JSCB “Absolute Bank” (CJSC), OJSC “Moscow city telephone network” (MCTN), CJSC “CROC INCORPORATED”.

The following sector departments work within MMKA: the ones of administrative and legal defense, civil disputes, criminal and legal defense, arbitration and tax disputes, sanctions and enforcement proceedings, arbitral court proceedings.

All the members of the Moscow District Bar Association have the status of lawyers of Moscow and Moscow Region. The existing professional staff of the Association has been working under the Russian laws for many years already; all the MMKA's leading lawyers have considerable practical experience. Our Bar Association provides complex legal support for business activity and legal defense of business.

The Association's partners render services of documents translation, notarial, bank, insurance, realtor, archival, expert, registration and other services.

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